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  • - Social Media Management
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Jeff Levin, Founder of GrowthPOD has been recognized for his innovative ways of helping people accelerate success by world class organizations like...

Our Mission is Your Success!

Hi, I’m Jeff Levin, Founder of GrowthPOD. Having built companies for 10 years now, I know what it takes to do it fast & most importantly right!

We know your time is valuable. We also know that a signifiant amount of time is spent with prospects and clients to build trust and rapport during the sales process. Yet after the sale, the momentum in your client relationships fade because you are now focused on new clients, forgetting about the very expensive past clients that were very time consuming and expensive to acquire!

As an entrepreneur, we realize that every penny counts. That's why we've created the ultimate environment in GrowthPOD for entrepreneurs like you to leverage your most valuable asset, your client databases, to not only help others grow, but also help yourselves when they return the favor to you!

GrowthPOD is the only e-marketing system built upon a social networking platform that allows you to truly maximize your network to its fullest potential & best of all it's FREE to take away any excuses you may have to not give it a spin and tell your friends! Why pay for expensive DIY systems that take countless hours to develop, when you can team up with others to build your monthly e-Newsletters in less than 10 minutes per month! We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams! Good Luck!

Our Customers Speak

I didn’t have many contacts, so I was a bit skeptical of getting anything from GrowthPOD. Within 24 hours after the initial campaign, I recieved a phone call for service! It works & it’s easy!

D. Hinton, IN

I love the concept! It is great because even your best friends don’t get around to telling or emailing their friends/clients about your service. With GrowthPOD, you know you're getting in front of them.

K. Johns, MD

Being a part of a network using GrowthPOD has allowed me to get exposure to around 9,000 people every month that are within my exact target market!

D. Mattocks, MD
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